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Department of Environmental Biology



DVM UNAM (Mexico);
MSc, PhD California (Davis)




Research Programs

Honey bee breeding, genetics and behavior.  Honey bee pathology.

Recent Publications

Guzman-Novoa, E., G.J. Hunt, R.E. Page, J.L. Uribe, D. Prieto and F. Becerra. 2004.

Guzman-Novoa, E., G.J. Hunt, J.L. Uribe and D. Prieto. 2004.

Breed, M.D., E. Guzman-Novoa and G.J. Hunt. 2004.

Guzman-Novoa, E. and J.L. Uribe. 2004.

Guzman-Novoa, E., G.J. Hunt, J.L. Uribe, C. Smith and M.E. Arechavaleta. 2002.

Courses Taught

ENVB*2210 Introductory Apiculture (F)

ENVB*6710 Seminar (F)

Post Doctoral Fellows

Research Associates

Graduate Students


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