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Department of Environmental Biology



Associate Vice-President (Research Services)
International Liasion Officer
BSc(Hons) Western;
PhD Saskatchewan



Research Programs

Research is focused in the areas of environmental biotechnology and engineering, applied microbiology, wastewater and water microbiology, and microbial ecology and structures in engineered and natural environmental systems. Projects include, factors affecting filament occurrence and bulking in secondary treatment, understanding the structure-function relationships associated with extracellular polymeric substances in flocs and films towards a better understanding of bioflocculation and formation microbial films, the fate of pathogens and their association with EPS in flocs and films, molecular basis for bioflocculation, and the biochemistry of EPS. Emphasis is placed on heterogeneous films and flocs in engineered or environmentally important processes. Areas of application include aerated membrane biofilm reactors, hydbrid fixed-film wastewater treatment systems, biofilters treating volatile organic and reduced sulfur compounds in gaseous air emissions, aquatic bed sediments, and where biofouling occurs (membranes and water wells (drilled and fractured rock). New initiatives include biorefining strategies for enhancing the value of waste streams and includes the application of anaerobic membrane bioreactors for hydrogen production from wastewater and biosolids, incorporation of secondary sludge into biocomposite materials, and utilization of glycerol (from biodiesel production) as a fermentation feedstock towards the production of added value chemicals and energy.

Recent Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals (Past 3 Years)

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Books and Chapters in Books (Past 3 Years)

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Research Personnel

Prof. Liss has recently joined the Department and is currently transitioning his research program to Guelph . He is currently seeking candidates for various roles in his lab. Those interested in furthering their career as a PDF or a Research Associate, or continuing their studies at the Masters or PhD level should contact Prof. Liss directly. Graduate students may pursue their degree in Environmental Biology or in Environmental Engineering. Those with backgrounds in science (biology, biochemistry or microbiology) or engineering (chemical or civil) with an interest in working at the interface of biology and engineering are encouraged to apply.

Post Doctoral Fellows

Research Associates

Graduate Students

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